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Indonesia Semendo Mogra

Indonesia Semendo Mogra

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This coffee is processed by Curators Coffee Company by only using the middle part of a Pyramid drying process, which means the coffee cherries are dried in a Triangular shape, subjected to a strictly controlled environment, this method of drying increases the number of active microbes that will enhance the fruit qualities into the coffee seeds.

NOTE: This coffee will be roasted to order, we will then dispatch a couple days after roasting. This will be a lighter roast and more suitable for softer brew methods.

Producer: Bpk Raymond Ali of Curators Coffee
Region: South Sumatra
Country: Indonesia
Altitude: 1,600 – 1,650 masl
Varietals: Kartika, Andongsari, Sigararutang
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Notes: Intense and complex fruit layer with a sweet and lingering aftertaste.



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