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Little Things Coffee Shop and Micro-Roastery

Little Things Coffee Pods (Nespresso Compatible Capsules)

Little Things Coffee Pods (Nespresso Compatible Capsules)

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Our very own Signature blend and Decaf roasted inhouse is available in a Nespresso compatible capsule.

Signature blend (Blue lid) is a full-bodied coffee with a smooth aftertaste, notes of dark chocolate with a citrus and floral finish.

We blend ethically sourced beans from Colombia, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Decaf Colombian (Red lid) is a single origin Colombian coffee from the Popayan region is decaffeinated using a natural by-product of sugarcane and water.

Notes of Honey, vanilla and chocolate milk with good body and sweetness.

Black Coffee Blend with Robusta (Black lid) is blend of Robusta beans from Indonesia and Arabica beans from Ethiopia. This coffee is designed to be served as a black coffee so dial up intensity and aroma.

Both the lid and base can be recycled.

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