Independence Blend
Roasted Independence Blend - Little Things Coffee Shop
Roasted Independence Blend - Little Things Coffee Shop
Independence Blend

Independence Blend

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Our very own inhouse roasted blend is now available online! 

A full bodied coffee with a smooth aftertaste, notes of dark chocolate with a citrus and floral finish.

Our Independence blend uses ethically sourced beans from Colombia, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Want to roast your own coffee? in under 15min? Check out the Kaffelogic bench top coffee roaster, it roasts 100g of coffee in 10mins!

Need green beans? We now supply our independence blend unroasted.

Brewing instructions:

Espresso: Use approx 17-18g of espresso ground coffee for an approx extraction time of 26 seconds.

Taste is your best friend! Once you have achieve that extraction time then you can adjust the grind size to increase or decrease your extraction times. Get a bit more acidity with a slightly lower extraction time or more bitterness with a slightly higher extraction time. Your extraction time range should be between 22 and 30 seconds.

Filter: Use a ratio of 1 part Filter ground coffee to 15 parts hot water ie 15g coffee to 225mls water. 

Plunger: Use a ratio of 1 part Plunger ground coffee to 17 parts hot water ie 30g coffee to 510mls water. Let it steep for 4 min.