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Independence Blend
Roasted Independence Blend - Little Things Coffee Shop
Roasted Independence Blend - Little Things Coffee Shop
Independence Blend

Independence Blend

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Our very own inhouse roasted blend is now available online! 

The Independence blend is an ethically sourced mix of fully washed Colombian, Kenyan and Ethiopian beans. It is air roasted to a medium roast for a cleaner and smoother finish

This is a 60% African heavy blend giving it a bright full bodied coffee flavor profile. Tasting notes of dark chocolate with a citrus and floral finish. Below is a breakdown of each bean.

Region: Huila Region
Varietal: Caturra, Castillo and Typica
Process: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1400m +
ACIDITY: Medium. Malic acidity
BODY: Smooth and round.

Kenya AB
Region: Aberdare Range, Kisii, Nyanza, Bungamo, Nakuru and Kericho
Varietal: Ruiru II
Process: Fully washed and sun dried
Altitude: 1500 – 2100 meters above sea level
BODY: Medium to full

Ethiopia Guji
Region: Guji Zone, Oromia
Varieties: Heirloom
Processed: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1800m+
ACIDITY: Citrus, balanced.
BODY: Heavy, syrupy.