BodyBrew: Cold Brew System

Brew ridiculously delicious coffee with ease. Drink it cold or drink it hot!

Make your own coffee concentrate at home

The 'Bodybrew' system naturally transforms (without fortification) your favorite ground coffee into a delicious, super concentrated coffee extract that’s naturally low in acids and Cafestol, a potent cholesterol elevating compound, making it heart, stomach and smile friendly.There's still so much misinformation out there about cold brew coffee. We get this question literally all the time.

"Can cold brew coffee be drank hot?" -- Of course it can! In fact, the versatility of cold brew coffee is perhaps what makes such a delicious cup of coffee. With less acids and bitter flavors, you might find your new 'hot' - cold brew coffee is a real kick in the pants. But how does one 'make' hot coffee using cold brew?

Simply use your cold brewed coffee concentrate as a base for your favorite coffee, add hot water and/ or milk, and enjoy.

How to Brew


Use approx 17-18g of espresso ground coffee for an approx extraction time of 26 seconds.

Get a bit more acidity with a slightly lower extraction time or more bitterness with a slightly higher extraction time. Your extraction time range should be between 22 and 30 seconds.


Use a ratio of 1 part Filter ground coffee to 15 parts hot water ie 15g coffee to 225mls water.


Use a ratio of 1 part Plunger ground coffee to 17 parts hot water ie 30g coffee to 510mls water. Let it steep for 4 min.