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Roasted Swiss Water Decaf Coffee Beans - Little Things Coffee Shop
Roasted Swiss Water Decaf Coffee Beans - Little Things Coffee Shop
Roasted Swiss Water Decaf Coffee Beans - Little Things Coffee Shop

Swiss Water Decaf Coffee

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This delightful blend of high quality coffees have been processed using Swiss Water decaffeination to produce a coffee with all the taste and body, but without the caffeine!

Blend: Ethiopian, Honduras, Brazil, Indonesia, PNG.

Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Co. Inc. is a global leader in environmentally responsible chemical-free decaffeination of specialty coffee since 1989. 

SWISS WATER® Process is a taste-driven, 100% chemical free water decaffeination process that never uses methylene chloride or ethyl acetate to remove the caffeine from coffee beans. Using water, SWISS WATER® Decaffeination Process removes caffeine such that the beans are 99.9% caffeine free while maintaining the unique origin flavor, body and aroma characteristics. The best of the bean remains while only the caffeine is removed.

In effect there are only trace amounts of caffeine left in the green bean. It takes about 14-16 cups of decaf coffee to deliver the equivalent caffeine of one cup of regular caffeinated coffee. We are widely recognized in the specialty coffee industry by discerning roasters and retailers as the leading taste-driven, chemical free decaffeination process committed to strengthening brand value with the decaf drinker.

Brewing instructions:

Espresso: Use approx 17-18g of finely ground coffee for an approx extraction time of 26 seconds.

Taste is your best friend! Once you have achieve that extraction time then you can adjust the grind size to increase or decrease your extraction times. Get a bit more acidity with a slightly lower extraction time or more bitterness with a slightly higher extraction time. Your extraction time range should be between 22 and 30 seconds.

Plunger: Use a ratio of 1 part coarse ground coffee to 17 parts hot water ie 30g coffee to 510mls water. Let it steep for 4 min.