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Little Things Coffee Shop and Micro-Roastery

Colombia Popayan Reserve

Colombia Popayan Reserve

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Please note: All our single origin coffees are roasted to order, what this means is we will roast your single origin order on the next work day and will be shipped out the following work day. If you require it ground ie for plunger, then we would rest the coffee beans for a few days before grinding and shipping.

Another great coffee from our friends at Cofinet. They collaborate with approximately 65 growers who contribute to this Popayan Reserve program and with whom they build long-term relationships.

This program also encourages farmers to focus on quality and based on quality assessment they provide up to 20% premiums above the market price.

Here at Little Things Micro-Roastery our coffee is air roasted to give a cleaner taste and smoother finish. We have two roast styles to choose from, an espresso focused roast giving more body to the coffee and a filter focused roast giving more acidity to the coffee.

We would love any feedback to help fine tune our recipe as we roast in small batches.


REGION: Popayan Cauca
VARIETAL: Castillo, Variedad Colombia
HARVEST: October
ALTITUDE: 1500m +


FLAVOUR: Notes of chocolate milk and caramel.
ACIDITY: Balanced
BODY: Light
OVERALL: Well balanced with good sweetness and body

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