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Ethiopia Guji Green

Ethiopia Guji Green

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The Guji region lies approximately 300 to 400 km south of Addis Ababa in the Guji Zone of the Oromia Region. The Guji region has a long genealogy. In 2002, Guji itself detached from Yirgacheffe, which had previously been folded in with the Sidamo name.

The Guji region, which was created in 2002, takes its name from the Oromo people, a tribe who have farmed coffee on the land for generations. The Oromo people of Guji consider their region as the ancestral cradle of Oromo culture. The ceremonies, rituals, and lore that come forth of the Gada age-group system, are still subsequently and widely practiced among Guji’s inhabitants. Besides the system, coffee farming has ancient roots within the Guji culture – the two are inseparable.

Coffee from Guji was once lumped in with coffees from all over the Yirgacheff region. Before Yirgacheffe was its own region, those coffees were blended with coffee from a wide geographical area that encompassed much of central-south Ethiopia under the grade “Sidamo”. Despite its long journey, Guji coffees are widely recognized as distinct from both Yirgacheffe and Sidamo coffee thanks to the unique local varieties and microclimates.

Guji coffees offer a complex, yet balanced, cup profile that does well in both filter and espresso. Certification options are plentiful, as well as processing techniques. Historically, Guji has always offered washed and naturals exclusively, but recently, producers started to produce honey’s as well.

Region: Guji Zone, Oromia
Altitude: 1800m+
Harvest: Nov - Feb 19/20
Varieties: Heirloom
Processed: Fully Washed
Moisture: 11.2%
Density: 70.3 g/ml

AROMA/FRAGRANCE: Citrus, cocoa, stone fruit, toffee, rich, sweet.
FLAVOUR: Cocoa, citrus (lemon, lime), tea rose, stone fruit (apricot), brown sugar. Sweet, complex, juicy.
ACIDITY: Citrus, balanced.
BODY: Heavy, syrupy.
BALANCE: Very good cup symmetry.
AFTERTASTE: Lingering brown sugar sweetness.
OVERALL: Lemon & lime, chocolate, sweet, orange peel, toffee, a hint of nut, soft floral, soft apricot, coating.